Day 6 ~ February 6, 2012

Hello World,

This morning I weighed in at 223.6 pounds. After my Superbowl splurging, I guess that’s not too bad. I’m hoping tomorrow I will be back down to at least 223.0 and by Wednesday, 222.o. That would give me 4 pounds for the week and I would be very excited!!!

Anyways, I started back walking today. The weather was a comfortable (at least comfortable for walking) 45 degrees and I got 3 miles in. If all goes well and I’m not too lazy to get outta the bed in the morning, I will do 3 miles tomorrow as well. I did take pictures today but I don’t know if they will get posted. It would be my starting weight picture. And by the way, if they do get posted I will be headless…not really trying to loss much weight there.

So tomorrow will be day 7 and my last day for week 1. I’m still on track. Stay tuned.

Be Well


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