Day 20 ~ February 20, 2012

Shrimp & Spaghetti (Squash) Fra Diavolo

Hello World,

I know I haven’t been here for a while…I told you I didn’t know how this was going to go since I was a blog virgin! Anyways, I’m back and I am going to blog everyday for at least the next 45 days. As some of you know, Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday, February 22, 2012 and I have been trying to figure out what I was going to give up for Lent. I haven’t yet figured up what I’m giving up, but I do know what I’m adding…yeah I know, crazy. I’ve decided to committ myself to walking for at least 1 hour everyday for Lent and I’m giving myself a jump start by starting today.

I’ve been eating really well, however, the scale has not been my BFF so I’m cranking up the effort and hoping for great results. Can I do 20 pounds in 40 days????? I guess we can all see if I can do it together.

Yesterday, I tried a new dish, Shrimp & Spaghetti (Squash) Fra Diavolo. Here is the link if you want to check it out, I love pasta, but the carbs definately work against me. I have to say this was a great alternative and considerably less calories and carbs. I added a picture (couln’t place it where I wanted) so you could take a look.

 So today, I weighed in at 221.0 pounds, I walked 1 hour, 6726 steps according to my pedometer and my measurements are below.

Bust – 42″

Waist – 38-1/2″

Hips – 48-1/2″

Continue to follow me on my journey to whittle away my waist…WaistBeGone!!!


Day 7 ~ February 7, 2012

I was all set to walk this morning until I stepped on the scale…then, I got back in bed. Why on earth was I my weight up. Ugh! I was not happy. Disappointed and discouraged better describe how I was feeling. Yes I know bed should not have been an option, but it was. And yes, once I did get back up I felt bad that I didn’t go out to walk. Oh well…it’s over now.

So I ate pretty good today and even got in a little exercise. Tomorrow we will see how the week ended.

Day 7 Weight – 225 pounds

Day 6 ~ February 6, 2012

Hello World,

This morning I weighed in at 223.6 pounds. After my Superbowl splurging, I guess that’s not too bad. I’m hoping tomorrow I will be back down to at least 223.0 and by Wednesday, 222.o. That would give me 4 pounds for the week and I would be very excited!!!

Anyways, I started back walking today. The weather was a comfortable (at least comfortable for walking) 45 degrees and I got 3 miles in. If all goes well and I’m not too lazy to get outta the bed in the morning, I will do 3 miles tomorrow as well. I did take pictures today but I don’t know if they will get posted. It would be my starting weight picture. And by the way, if they do get posted I will be headless…not really trying to loss much weight there.

So tomorrow will be day 7 and my last day for week 1. I’m still on track. Stay tuned.

Be Well

Day 5 ~ February 5, 2012

Hello World,

Well as most of you know, today was Superbowl Sunday which meant football, parties and lots and lots of snacks. High calorie, high fat, taste good snacks. However, I am happy to say that overall I did pretty good.

I weighed in this morning at 223 pounds. I was happy to be done and it was the motivation I needed to watch my snacking. Tomorrow I will be out for my 3 mile walk (have to walk off that chicken wing dip) and hopefully I will be able to weigh in at a 4 pound loss for my first week on day 7.

Stay tuned for the updates.

Be Well

Day 4 ~ February 4, 2012

Hello World,

If you are still there, I have caught up to the current day.

So I weighed in this morning at the same weight, 224.4 pounds. I am a little disappointed because I have been this same weight for 3 days now, but I guess I should be happy that I haven’t gained. I am supposed to be eating 1200 calories/day and I have been doing really good at that. I haven’t started exercising yet, because I’m lazy and don’t want to. I’m really good at making excuses why I don’t want to. Like right now, I sitting in my pj’s writing this blog and in another hour I need to get ready to get outta the house…so I don’t have time. I guess thats why I’m still 224.4!!! 

Yesterday, I tried to do 100 jumping jacks. I did 30!!! Are women really supposed to do those? Thats a lot of jiggling going on. Thank God no one was watching.

The one other issue is this water thing. They say you should have at least 64 ounces a day. I’ve done it for 3 days, but I make so many trips to the bathroom…OMG!!!

I will post a current picture probably on February 6, because I won’t have time to figure it out before then. And then every month I will post an update. Maybe more often if there is any significant progress.

Let me also add this update from Febraury 1, 2012

Weight – 226

Bust – 43

Waist – 37-1/4″

Hips – 49″

Day 2 ~ Febraury 2, 2012

Hello World,

Ok, if you read Day 1, you know I am just catching up. I guess I’ve could’ve started on Day 4, but I didn’t want to.

February 2, 2012 – 224.4 pounds